You are enrolled in an innovative new health care solution - Call a Doctor Plus!

Pay nothing to talk to a doctor -- 24/7, online or by phone!
Unlimited use for all family members (up to 6 total)

Imagine a world without doctor’s office waiting rooms, no more urgent care visits or emergency room visits for non-emergency purposes. Now, you can.  Need medical advice at 2 a.m.? Or, a prescription while traveling? A refill? Is it tough to get across the city for an appointment or because you live in a rural area? Call A Doctor Plus delivers the finest physician care – anytime, anywhere, for anyone.

 Cold ♦ Flu ♦ Sinus Infections ♦ Ear/Nose Infections ♦ Bronchitis ♦ Allergies ♦ Headaches ♦ Stomach Aches ♦ Diarrhea ♦
Rash/Skin Irritations ♦ OB/GYN ♦ Upper Respiratory Infections ♦ Urinary Tract Infections ♦ Yeast Infections ♦ Pediatrics ♦ and more...


The Call a Doctor PLUS plan comprises:

As an enrolled member, all you need to do is register (see below). Once registered, you and your family now have 24/7 access to doctors in minutes by phone or video (Teladoc).  Plus, you also have access to life counselors, network attorneys, financial consultants, medical bill saver and more… all from the convenience of your phone or computer, with no per-call fees!

  • TELADOC - Connect in under 10 minutes to US-based, board certified physicians who can
    answer questions, diagnose and even prescribe when necessary.
  • LIFE ASSISTANCE - Access to professional Life Counselors and specialists who can help you
    achieve balance in your personal, family and work life is just a call away.
  • MEDICAL BILL SAVER - Our Bill Saver program can help reduce the amount you owe for medical
    and dental bills over $400, often resulting in savings between 25-50%.
  • DISCOUNT HEALTH CARD - Save up to 75% on your prescription medication using our pharmacy
    discount card. It’s easy to use and accepted at over 50,000 pharmacies nationwide!

    and now offering the Health Advocate Program!




The right answers at the right time

One simple call to our toll-free number is all it takes to get help with virtually any healthcare or insurance-related issue. From finding an in-network specialist... to untangling a medical bill... to clarifying benefits, our Personal Health Advocates know the ins and outs of these complicated systems to get the right answers, quickly and efficiently. Each employee is assigned a Personal Health Advocate, typically an experienced registered nurse supported by medical directors and benefits and claims specialists.

Time to register, using this simple registration process!

You will be receiving a welcome email from Call A Doctor Plus. At that time simply follow these steps to access your benefits:

Teladoc – 24/7 access to physicians!

  1. Visit or call (800) 835-2362
  2. Enter the following information in each field and click ‘Continue’:First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address: your primary email address
    • Phone Number: your primary phone number (cell phone preferred)
    • Date of birth
    • Do you have a username: No 
    • Who is your employer: Start typing Employer Name, then pick from the drop down list
  3. Follow the rest of the steps and you're all set!

Once you are finished, you can add dependents and download the mobile app for Apple and Android devices. Access your benefits, 24/7, online at or by calling (800) 835-2362.

Questions?  Please call Outstaffing at 1-888-OUTSTAFF (1-888-688-7823) if you have any questions.


Independent of ANY medical plan enrollment -- No COPAYS or DEDUCTIBLES
Pay nothing to talk to a US Board-Certified physician -- 24/7, online or by phone!
Unlimited use for all family members (up to 6 total)
Doctor has your Electronic Health Record
Basic prescriptions - (No Life Style drugs or DEA controlled substances)
Your PCP receives a record of Call A Doctor Plus consultations (if you allow)
Fully portable if employment is terminated – $19.95 retail cost becomes your responsibility