Total Care for your mind, body and wallet are just a call or a click away.

With costs constantly on the rise, creating a top-tier benefits plan to improve health & wellness without breaking the bank can be a challenge.  Our Virtual Care program can help!


Full-time Employees •
Part-time Employees
Business Owners • Independent Contractors

Available to all your staff, owners and contractors.
Outstaffing, Inc. handles all enrollment, additions/terminations, continuation of coverage.

Pricing may be subject to number of employees

Independent of ANY medical plan enrollment

NO copays or deductibles

Reduce absenteeism/improve productivity

Greater employee and staff wellness

Lower annual healthcare costs

Decreased use of UC, ER and some medical office visits

Significantly less costly than insurance healthcare

Helps many avoid out-of-pocket medical expenses

Continuation of Coverage
Portable, at 
employee's expense, if employment is terminated as follows: Basic Plan ($19.95) or Complete Plan ($24.95) available.
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 20+ million members!
"78% of office visits can be handled by phone" - American Medical Association
8-minute mean call back time. 97% customer satisfaction level.
English, Spanish and AT&T On Demand Interpreter for 170 languages