By Debbie Sparks

Design Services

As an extra benefit to our clients, we are happy to offer an affordable design service for all your design needs, including: Outstaffing offers Design Services

  • logo design
  • brochures
  • signs
  • business cards
  • rack cards
  • post cards
  • flyers
By Debbie Sparks

Templates Uniquely Designed for Your Business


Your business is unique. Our Engage! designers know this, and will design an email template that is just as unique.  The template is part of your overall brand recognition, and we also integrate it with your other social media platforms, i.e. website, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

We can also provide you with a link to your own uniquely designed on-line sign-up page.   This link can be used to drive people to the page to sign up for your emails.




By Debbie Sparks

It’s All About The List!


Your email list of customers is the surest way to engage your customers! You may be great at interacting with your customers when they come into your business. And that’s important. But customer engagement is a multi-faceted function. You need other ways of connecting. The best way to accomplish this is to create a customer email list with all the information that you think is important to your business.

email-icon-1024x919Minimal requirements would simply be a first name, and email address; but you may want to include other things relevant to your business.  For instance, you may want to collect birthdays, so you could send greetings to your customers on their birthdays. Or – some of your clients may be customers, and some may be vendors – so you could collect that information as two groups. Or – you may want to segment your contacts into interest groups or hobbies.

Whether you decide to collect minimal information, or more targeted information, it’s easy to get started. When your customers come into your business, ask them to join your email list so that you can keep them updated on a regular basis because you appreciate them.

By Debbie Sparks


Grow your business using targeted customer engagement!

target_graphOur Engage! solution/service focuses on strengthening your business and increasing your customer base. The objective is regular communication with the goal of developing long term relationships and foster loyalty. You want every customer to become an advocate that will refer your business to their friends and family. To achieve this objective you need to find a way to regularly “connect” with customers and show them that you appreciate them and their loyalty. Outstaffing Engage! is the solution you need.

How does “Engage!” Work?

Business owners often struggle with developing and implementing a customer communications strategy. We partner with you to develop and deliver your engagement emails consistently and affordably. Your customers will receive a professionally designed email that will cross-link to your website and any other social media sites you may have. This strategy incorporates the following:

  • Establish your client/contact base and develop strategies to expand that list. 

  • Perform integrated contact-list proofing 

  • Simple, regular, consistent product/service promotion integrating your website, email and social media platform. 

  • Promote brand recognition. 

Are you a member organization? Or non-profit? Same idea! Engage those who are already on-board with your message or goals – they will, in turn, recruit others when they feel engaged with your organization!

We offer a complete, turnkey solution based on the information you want to share with your customers/patrons.

It’s All About the List

Uniquely Designed Templates