It’s All About The List!


Your email list of customers is the surest way to engage your customers! You may be great at interacting with your customers when they come into your business. And that’s important. But customer engagement is a multi-faceted function. You need other ways of connecting. The best way to accomplish this is to create a customer email list with all the information that you think is important to your business.

email-icon-1024x919Minimal requirements would simply be a first name, and email address; but you may want to include other things relevant to your business.  For instance, you may want to collect birthdays, so you could send greetings to your customers on their birthdays. Or – some of your clients may be customers, and some may be vendors – so you could collect that information as two groups. Or – you may want to segment your contacts into interest groups or hobbies.

Whether you decide to collect minimal information, or more targeted information, it’s easy to get started. When your customers come into your business, ask them to join your email list so that you can keep them updated on a regular basis because you appreciate them.

By Debbie Sparks Concierge Services