Over 70% of businesses struggle with uninformed clients and employees.*

The importance of being connected to and engaging your audience can't be overstated. Excellent communication is the key to engaging your audience so they're well-informed and motivated to make smarter decisions. With Outstaffing Engage! we can help you develop "wise consumers" that are happy, productive, and loyal.  Outstaffing Engage! is a sophisticated email solution that delivers your message to your audience, building brand awareness, product/service awareness and an overall company awareness and best of all...we do it for you!

So what is it that we do? We work with you to create an effective email marketing strategy, enabling you to connect with your audience using periodic professional emails:

  • Build a customized email delivery system
  • Create an email list server
  • Develop email subscription/collection forms
  • Assist in email list population
  • Develop a branded email template
  • Publish monthly emails to engage your audience

The Outstaffing Engage! basic service is easy to set up and affordable. A typical set-up fee is only $249, and email publication is as little as $45 per month. As a client you will work with an assigned production consultant that will handle everything for you. All you need to do is send us the "copy" (what you want to say to the folks on your list) for each monthly message; we design it, you approve it and we publish it.

Three basic components of the service:

Client LiCustomer Engagementst Management
Your email marketing will generate the highest return on investment when you take the time to build and maintain an active subscriber list. Once we upload your contacts to our server, our team will take care to use best practices to keep a clean, managed list. When you get new contact emails, just forward the list to your production consultant.

Template Development
Your monthly email should be attractive and constructive. We design a template that will be relatable to your business or organization, and customized to your specifications within the parameters of our mail program. Your template will be the "frame" that holds your message and will be a part of your branding message.

Your Engage! messages
Using your text and images, we will send out messages to your email list on a managed schedule. You simply tell us what you want to tell your audience and any images that you would like to include. Are you having a sale? Or hosting an event? Do you have a new employee to introduce? Whatever  you want your customers to know - just let us know and your production consultant will complete a visually pleasing draft for your approval, and schedule an email blast to your customers!  Engage! can also be integrated with your social media platforms, just ask us how. In addition we are able to provide you with a report (upon request) that tells you how your email did in comparison to market standards.

In addition we offer our clients the following:

Logo Design
Business Card Design
Brochure Design
Signage/Poster/Flyer Design

Contact us for more information!

*TransAmerica survey 2016