business people silhouetteMISSION STATEMENT
Provide comprehensive, cost-effective employee payroll/HR solutions
to free your time so you may focus on growing your business.

Today, clients have many payroll processing options, some still do it manually – CPA, Excel, etc. (check calculation only), some use the add-on to accounting software like Quickbooks, while others contract with a service like Paychex, ADP, etc. (integrated payroll and HR systems). The problem is, they all require your time and payroll/HR expertise to manage them. Your time is too valuable for this unnecessary distraction!


    • Deliver secure web-based implementation of payroll and benefits to you and your employees.
    • Seamlessly position Outstaffing to assume the critical, yet mundane, tasks associated with the management and administration of employee payroll and benefits.
    • Assume responsibility for the correct and timely production of your payroll, and related employer federal and state employment tax payments and reporting.
    • Assume responsibility for the administration of employee benefits.
    • Assume responsibility for adherence to regulations and requirements governing employment classification, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, new hire reporting, and court-ordered garnishments.

The Outstaffing solutions assume responsibility and liability for the operation of your payroll/HR.
Our management and administration services interface directly with you and your staff.

— We become your dedicated back-office business partner —

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