Kick your payroll to the cloud!

cloudONLINE BANKING HAS CHANGED EVERYTHING – Consider how banking has progressed in the past decade — bank accounts are operated online, transactions are digital (ACH, etc.), personal online banking (24/7 access to balances, bill pay, etc.), and more. In the past, writing checks and visiting the bank was the norm; banks operated your accounts and you called them to get your balances. Today, you have better control of your money. Online banking is the new norm; people operate their own accounts and answers to questions are now at their fingertips.

You should expect nothing less from your payroll solution!

That’s why the Outstaffing Payroll/HR Solution is the right choice for your business. In addition to answering any employee and client questions, we also put payroll at your fingertips on a secure, web-based, application (platform provider – Paylocity). This secure, highly-encrypted solution supports 24/7 access from any computer (home, work, etc.), as well as a sophisticated interface via a Smartphone app. Some of the many benefits include:

Mobile app

Employee access:

  • Password protected Employee Self-Service portal
  • Online access to view/print current and past paystubs
  • Modelling of “what-if” payroll changes (Gross to Net), tax changes, etc.
  • Ability to initiate payroll changes (taxes, etc.) – Approved by Outstaffing
  • Immediate notification when payroll has been processed
  • Review employment history and demographics
  • Maintenance of personal and emergency contact information
  • Employee Benefits Election Summary and Overview

Manager access:

  • Supervisor access – review staff pay history, etc.
  • Accountant access – payroll reports for maintaining business accounts
  • Owner access – complete transparency to all system reports

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