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We offer two different payroll/HR solutions compared in the table below:

  • The Hosting Solution: designed for clients that already have an established payroll and employee benefits but want to move the management and administration functions to a specialist company. Payroll Hosting is also a good fit for new businesses with an in-house payroll (Quickbooks, CPA, etc) that do not provide the sophisticated functionality available with the 24/7 web-based Outstaffing payroll/HR solution.
  • The PEO Solution: better suited for smaller clients (in Virginia) who want to completely free themselves of the “employer role” and provide group benefits for your employees. This solution moves the clients employees under the Outstaffing group to provide, manage and administer all aspects of payroll and employee benefits. The client effectively ceases being the employer and retains the onsite supervisor responsibility (co-employment).


Hosting PEO Chart

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