Payroll Options


With over 25 years’ experience supporting our small business clients, we understand that payroll processing is not the real problem. There are many processing options available. Some businesses use a bookkeeper/CPA, others use Quickbooks or a payroll service such as Paychex, ADP, etc. We suggest – these are not the “complete solutions” most small businesses really need.

What About Management & Administration?

More than a processor, Outstaffing supports all aspects of employee payroll/HR from the hiring to the termination of your staff. In addition, business owners and employees alike recognize the trend, started by the banking industry, to move payroll/HR “out of the back-office” to secure, web-based and mobile applications – today we expect 24/7 access to our banking data. Why should payroll be different?

When comparing different payroll/HR options you need to look beyond just payroll processing. Consider the following:

Who drives and manages the “payroll train”?
Who’s available to answer your employees’ questions?

Outstaffing Services Compare Chart

Outstaffing recognizes that you, as a business owner, would prefer to have nothing to do with payroll. Your time could be better spent focusing on growing your business – we can make that happen.

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