With over 25 years’ experience supporting our small business clients, we understand that payroll processing is not the real problem. There are many processing options available. Some businesses use a bookkeeper/CPA, others use Quickbooks or a payroll service such as Paychex, ADP, etc. We suggest – these are not the “complete solutions” most small businesses really need.

What About Management & Administration?

More than a processor, Outstaffing supports all aspects of employee payroll/HR from the hiring to the termination of your staff. In addition, business owners and employees alike recognize the trend, started by the banking industry, to move payroll/HR “out of the back-office” to secure, web-based and mobile applications – today we expect 24/7 access to our banking data. Why should payroll be different?

When comparing different payroll/HR options you need to look beyond just payroll processing. Consider the following:

Who drives and manages the “payroll train”?
Who’s available to answer your employees’ questions?

Outstaffing Services Compare Chart

Outstaffing recognizes that you, as a business owner, would prefer to have nothing to do with payroll. Your time could be better spent focusing on growing your business – we can make that happen.

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